What is Karri?

Think of Karri as a modern walkie talkie for you and your grandchildren - all you have to do is press a button:

A screen free device for your grandchild

Your grandchild can send you a message by simply pushing the button on his or her Karri and receive messages from you

An easy-to-use app for you

You can receive and send messages back via your app on your smartphone

It's as simple as that.

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Our Karris currently come in eight fun colours – pick your favourite and start chatting!

A fun way to stay in touch for kids

Our Karris are designed with simplicity and reliability in mind.

  • From 4 years old
  • 6 different colours
  • GPS tracking
  • Wifi & LTE compatible
  • Emergency function
  • Hard cover casing
  • Battery up to 72 hours
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  • I wish I had had this earlier!

    "This has made my life so much easier - I can leave my 7 year old at home while I quickly go to the shop down the road. Definitely made my daily routine easier!"

    Karen, 37 (beta tester)

  • Great to stay in touch

    I love that I can speak to Sam even when he is at his mum's house - it has definitely made it easier for us to have something he can use to get in touch with us without needing help.

    Darren, 34 (beta tester)

  • Pick up made easy

    My parents don't use smartphones and when I pick my daughter up from theirs it has become so easy to let everyone know when I will arrive - my parents love it!

    Tessa, 31 (beta tester)