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What is KARRI and how does it work?

Think of KARRI as a modern walkie talkie for you and your kids – a screen free device for your kid and an easy to use app for you. Your kid can send you a message by simply pushing the button on his or her KARRI and you can receive and send messages back via your app. 

Who founded KARRI, and what inspired its creation?

KARRIwas founded by Pete Clifford - you can find the the story behind the creation of this innovative device here.

What sets KARRI apart from other communication devices for kids?

Unlike Walkie-Talkies, KARRI devices operate on 5G and WiFi networks, meaning unrivalled connectivity wherever your child may be. As it is integrated with iOS and Android apps, as a parent you do not need your own device, just the KARRI app installed. In comparison to "dumb phones" or smart watches, KARRI is completely screen-free and voice driven, meaning less distractions for your kids when out and about.

How can I contact KARRI for more information or support?

Find out the various ways to get in touch with KARRI, including a contact form and contact details here.

What are the company's plans for the future of KARRI?

Following the launch of our Pre-Sale site, we are working flat-out to bring the prototype device up to a level that it is ready for shipping to our first customers and then improve it further based on their feedback.


There is poor connection in my area. Will messaging and tracking still work?

Yes! If 5G is not available our KARRI devices use 4G or 3G as backup. In case of tracking everything would still work as the tracking is based on GPS.

How far does the connection reach? Can my child be further away than a few hundred metres?

As long as there is a data connection (no matter whether it is 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE or Wifi) - KARRI will work. So your child can be on the other side of the country and you can still chat!

What are the key features of the KARRI Device for Kids?

Explore the specifications, including connectivity, battery life, and durability of the KARRI device here.

How many colour options are available for the KARRI Device for Kids?

KARRI devices will initially be available in 9 colours. See our Product range here.

How does the KARRI device connect to the KARRI app on my smartphone?

When you receive your KARRI device and switched it on, you can open the settings page in your KARRI app (iOS or Android) and initially connect the device using Bluetooth. Once your KARRI device is paired with the app, you no longer need to connect the two (this then done via channels in the app). The Karri device has ongoing connectivity to the KARRI platform via 5G or WiFi.

Is the KARRI Device waterproof, and how durable is it?

Yes, the KARRI devices are both waterproof and highly durable - perfect for young, adventurous kids! 

Monthly memberships

What membership plans does KARRI offer, and how much do they cost?

Our current monthly memberships range from £4.99 per month for one device to £13.99 for three devices. You can cancel anytime - there is no minimum contract length! The monthly amount is based on the amount of KARRI devices (not the smartphones connected to a device). Explore the range of membership plans available for KARRI, including features and pricing here.

Is the SIM card included or do I need to get my own SIM card for the KARRI device?

Every KARRI device has a built in SIM card - the monthly memberships cover all costs no matter how many messages are sent.

If I only use KARRI on my WiFi network at home do I still need to sign up to a monthly membership?

Yes, the membership is for the device(s), even if it is being used on the WiFi.

If I purchase a pre-sale device, am I committed to a subscription plan?

No – you are making no long-term commitment at all. In addition to only paying £24.99 for the pre-sale device, as one of our first customers, you will also receive 3 months of free usage, a benefit with a normal value of nearly £60! After your first free 3 months, we will contact you to check if you'd like to continue with KARRI or not.

What does the free 3 months usage entail for pre-sale device buyers?

It entitles you to 3 months of unlimited usage of your devices and the apps. That means unlimited voice messaging between you and your family, with no restrictions

Can I cancel my pre-sale purchase at any time and how does it work?

Yes, if you change your mind at any time, just send us a message over the contact form with your order number and we will immediately process a full refund for you. 

What territories does KARRI's subscription service cover for device usage?

The KARRI devices will work anywhere inside the European Union and United Kingdom


How does the KARRI pre-sale offer work, and what is the pricing?

Our normal retail price for KARRI devices will be  £49,99. For customers purchasing a pre-sale device, we are offering an 50% discount at £24,99, plus 3 months free use of the KARRI service. You can change your mind at any time and request a refund - there is no long-term commitment 

What payment methods are accepted for pre-sale device purchases?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal

Is the launch date for pre-sale devices fixed, and how will customers be updated?

By purchasing a pre-sale device, you will also receive regular updates on our development process and projected launch dates for shipping your device. You can also follow our updates on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

What happens if I change my mind after pre-ordering? Can I get a refund?

Yes, if you change your mind at any time, just send us a message over the contact form with your order number and we will immediately process a full refund for you. 


How can I reach KARRI for inquiries or collaboration?

Just send us a message over the contact form and we will come straight back to you. 

What is KARRI's physical address and company registration details?

Karri.io Ltd is based at 71 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4BE, COMPANY NUMBER 13759853 and Incorporated in United Kingdom on 23 November 2021 

Terms and conditions

Where can I find the complete Terms and Conditions for Karri.io Ltd?

Access the comprehensive Terms and Conditions to understand the legal aspects of using KARRI's services and products can be found here.


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