KARRI is a modern walkie talkie for you and your kids.

Screen free device for your child

Easy to use app for you

Your child can send you a message by simply pushing the button on his or her KARRI

You can receive and send messages back via your app and see where they are via GPS tracking

It's as simple as that.

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So how can you use KARRI?

KARRI is simple - use it for a one-on-one chat with your child, for family group conversations or as a fun way for your kid to stay in touch with their friends.

  • One-on-one chats with your child

    You want to make sure your child stays safe, know where they are or organise when to get home or pick them up? No problem - simply connect your phone and your kid's KARRI device and start chatting.

  • Group chats for your family or friends

    If you want to stay in touch with several people simply set up a KARRI channel - you can add multiple KARRI devices or other app users and send and receive messages to and from everybody who is connected to the channel.

  • Fun times ahead for kids

    Your child still wants to have a quick chat with their best friend? No problem - you can also simply connect two or more KARRIS and let your kids chat away.

A fun way to stay in touch for kids

Our KARRIS are designed with simplicity and reliability in mind.

From 4 years old

9 different colours

GPS tracking

Wifi & LTE compatible

Emergency function

Hard cover casing

Battery up to 72 hours


Peace of mind for parents

The KARRI app allows you to send and receive instant messages whilst being able to see where your child is at any point.

One-on-one and group chats

GPS tracking

Safe zones with push notifications

Available on iOs & Android


Reliable connection

KARRI offers 99% population coverage and 75% geographic coverage.

The data-enabled, integrated SIM card simply chooses the best available network in the area (3G, 4G and 5G) and connects to it automatically.

  • Pick one or more KARRIS

    Chose from our range of 6 different fun colours. No need to think about a membership plan – our pre-sale means that all KARRIS will include free membership for 3 months.

  • Download the app and pair your Karris

    The KARRI app for parents is available both on the iOS and Android store. Simply download it, sign up and you will be guided through how to pair your KARRI device(s) with one or several phones.

  • Set up groups or geo-fencing

    Set up a one-on-one chat with you kid or a group for the family. Allow geo-fencing to be notified if your child is too far away from home.