About us

The idea behind KARRI

Karri was founded by Pete Clifford, a 41-year old Berlin-based British father who was getting increasingly frustrated by not finding a suitable child-friendly alternative to a smartphone for his 7 year old son. 

“Back in late 2020 I was really annoyed by not being able to allow my son more freedom and independence. I knew he wanted to go out and meet his friends by himself but I was also nervous about not knowing where exactly he would be and not being able to get in touch. A smartphone was out of the question for me and my wife and even a simple dumb phone seemed too complicated to use.

After some research and not finding a child-friendly, screen-free solution that was working reliably everywhere I came up with the idea of starting KARRI.

My goal has always been a data-enabled walkie-talkie designed specifically for children aged 5 to 12, offering screen-free voice communication with their parents (who would be using a smartphone app like they do with WhatsApp). Simply, a real-time communication device, without the distracting screen of smartphones, smart watches and tablets."


Where we are right now

After developing the idea and prototype for two years using savings and support from friends and family we have now found professional investors who believe in our idea!

The last few months have been an absolute whirlwind - we have had so many people willing to help us work on KARRI and our team has grown to over 20 people. We are proud to announce that we will ship our first prototype KARRI devices at the end of May. While we still need to re-iterate and finetune the hard- and software we will finally be able to offer young kids and parents a new alternative for communicating in a reliable and kid-friendly way.

We want to thank our customers, investors and our team for getting us this far!

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